Ashton Asset Management Inc.

Ashton Asset Management is a privately held holding corporation based in Westmont, IL. The company primarily focuses in Distressed Consumer Receivables, Real Estate Development, Residential Mortgage Lending, and the Hospitality Business.




Stark Consulting

Stark Consulting is an active debt buying firm concentrating in distressed consumer receivables.  With asset recovery offices based in Westmont, IL has successfully liquidated over $2.5b in consumer debt.  Having established strategic industry relationships, Stark has consistently delivered superior results for our employees, partners, and investors.  As an active member of the DBA and ACA we take an active leadership position in the industry.



Aura Development Inc.

Aura Development Inc. is a Real Estate Development firm specializing in residential real estate development.  Having delivered over 100 homes to satisfied buyers, Aura prides itself in building community relationships.  The company currently holds a portfolio of rental units and is actively managing and growing the same.



Ashton Home Solutions Inc.

Ashton Home Solutions is a diversified real estate investment management firm headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. AHS invests in and proactively manages distressed assets and notes throughout the United States, with properties currently located in over 20 states. AHS offers home owners solutions that traditional banks cannot underwrite.




MHG Hospitality Inc.

MHG Hospitality was formed in 1996 and has successfully managed hotels throughout the Chicago area. Comprised of experienced hoteliers from the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom, MHG Hospitality’s senior management team has been the driving force of the company’s success, which includes numerous awards for our operations, marketing, design and renovation services. We pride ourselves on our customer first driven focus.